Brief: In project 1.5 you are asked to consider your learning from the previous 4 projects and write your own project brief that will allow you to engage with a topic of your own interest. 


For this project I felt that I hadn't made enough use of the workshop facilities throughout the year. From a talk with one of my tutors, I was turned towards the work of Thomas Heatherwick which seemed to line up with my standard design practice. I enjoy taking a project from initial concepts through to a prototype or finished product. I purchased the book ‘Making’ and was inspired by the earlier woodworking experiments that Heatherwick had done. I initially had creative block so decided to get into the workshop and create small scale models of the work from the book.

This lead to an interest in making pieces of wood flexible whilst keeping its shape. I was interested in using wood as natural as possible so I found a section of tree trunk and cut it down on a bandsaw into flat segments. I then began cutting it in different ways to see how that changed its properties. I started by using hand saws of different thicknesses and gradually ended up using a radial arm saw to get more precision with both the angle and depth of the cuts. After I had gotten the desired effect with the wood I tried a piece of plywood which was too weak because of cutting through the layers. My favourite was a piece of clear acrylic.