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Escape Committee

Brief: For this project you are asked to identify an opportunity or desire to create an escape. Your escape will have a developed material culture that can exist as a series of systems, architectures, hacked elements and tools. 

In this group project we started by looking at how we could escape preconceptions. We looked at the ideas people have about immigration as the Syrian Refugee crisis was in the press. We asked people to draw any 4 people that they wanted. The results were normal, generally white, middle-class people of both genders. We then asked them to draw what they thought an immigrant looked like - these results were more interesting. Of the British people that we asked all drew a middle aged man - sometimes with a child - wearing tatty clothes and with a backpack or luggage. Of the people who were foreign - or of non-British descent - the majority drew themselves or simply said, “I am what an immigrant looks like.” After reviewing our findings we realised that this direction could come across in the wrong ways and decided to go away from it. 

    This lead us to examining physical borders like fences, rivers or buildings as well as mental borders like a Toucan crossing. We looked at borders throughout the world and how they differed between Europe and places like the Middle East. We realised how hard it is in today’s world to freely travel and this lead us to wanting to find out if we could make it easier. I came up with the idea of doing the journey from, "Around The World In 80 Days" by Jules Verne without leaving London. We decided we should try to see if we could get into the embassies of the countries from the story, therefore entering their territory but attempting to do the journey in 80 minutes instead of 80 days.